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A Tale of Two Hygienists Podcast

Mar 6, 2019

It’s a special roundtable episode, focusing on how you soon-to-be graduates can find a healthy balance between confidence in your own abilities and understanding you still have limits. We’re joined by Cape Cod Community College faculty member Marianne, Idaho State University graduate faculty member Joanne, and Hiwassee College faculty member Eva.

Paradise Dental Technologies (PDT) has once again sponsored this episode, as they strongly believe in quality education and that students are the future of our profession, not to mention the people we'll all be working alongside in the upcoming years. 

In this episode, our wonderful guests discuss issues that will quickly come up for recent graduates entering the dental profession, and how they can make the transition from student to resident to veteran as smooth as possible.


Interview starts: 3:01

 - Getting to know today's roundtable guests, faculty members Marianne, Joanne and Eva!

- Finding the time to take a breath and reassess each stage you're at throughout your education.

- Making sure to take full advantage of the resources available to you and any faculty assistance.

- The benefits of fully engaging with group work and reviewing each other's knowledge.

- Always remembering that even your teaching work is improving people's oral wellbeing.

- Getting yourself a grace period between graduating and jumping into the workforce to appreciate what you've achieved and figuring out three things you want to accomplish in the following month.

- Respecting the time of the dental hierarchy and being willing to offer your capabilities.

- Handy interview and salary negotiation tips!

- Overcoming any apprehension of using technical terminology in front of patients and building the right clinical relationship.

- How to speed up your work without trading away quality and thoroughness.

- Teaching students about dental insurance so they're better prepared upon entering the profession.

- Preparing for offices that aren't as technologically up-to-date as where you may have been trained.

- Pitfalls current students should avoid after graduation.

- Remembering that the job market is tough and that you may not get your ideal job right out the gate.

- Why clinical expertise takes active work and doesn't simply develop with experience. 

- The bottom line: get involved.


"Even if it's old technology, it's still valuable." 

"Relax a little bit and know that you're where you're supposed to be." 

"Everything we're doing as educators is preparing you to be the best that you can be."

"You know more than you think you do." 

"Be realistic about what you can do and you might surprise yourself." 

"Experience doesn't mean 'excellent,' it doesn't mean 'better.' It's what you do with that time."

"Your dentist is your employer, but you own your license to practice."

"Don't diminish what you have learned—demonstrate what you have learned."


Joanne's contact info - or (208)240-1443

Marianne’s contact info -

Eva's contact info - or (865)214-2211

Be sure to thank the sponsor for sponsoring this special Student Roundtable episode by heading over to and picking up a new instrument or telling them thank you in person at one of the conferences!

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