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A Tale of Two Hygienists Podcast

Mar 13, 2019

As you can tell from the background chatter, The Voices of Dentistry conference was a blast, and it was made even better by this episode’s guest: a dentist with strong feelings about, well..... everything! We will be at Voices of Dentistry again next year so check out the website and we will see you there!

Tarun Agarwal, DDS, is the founder of 3D Dentists, which provides a series of workshops focused on helping dentists make the most of their practices’ resources and giving them a much-needed competitive advantage. Tarun also hosts the podcast T-Bone speaks, where he discusses skills, leadership, and business with other dental professionals.

In this episode, Tarun discusses how he encourages an innovative culture in his practice and argues why perio treatments are overly prioritized.


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Zirc, Because Time is Everything.

Interview begins: 8:40

- Why Tarun believes hygienists will have to change to go with the flow of modern technology and business practices.

- The best way for hygienists to make full use of their skills and talents in a clinical setting.

- Why Tarun advocates for having fewer dedicated hygienists on staff.

- How he fosters a pro-educational culture in his office.

- Turnover: more beneficial to maintaining an innovative office than you might think.

- Why he thinks the focus on perio treatments is overrated.

- Making the changes for ourselves so corporate doesn’t make them for us.

- Finding the right number of hygienists per doctor.


“If you don’t change, your profession’s gonna have a slow death.”

“My bottom line is that hygiene is more than scaling.”

“Make yourself indispensable.”

“You gotta give every patient the chance to say yes to the best.”


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