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A Tale of Two Hygienists Podcast

Oct 9, 2019

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, so to start it off in stride we’re using this roundtable episode as an opportunity to speak with two hygienists who have had to live with breast cancer—and persevered.


Mary Jensen has worked as a registered dental hygienist for nearly four decades. She works with the HyLife Oral Health Alliance, providing older populations with oral health care. Kris Potts has worked in dental hygiene for over forty years. While she no longer practices clinically, she does speak and write on the subject of oral care for oncology patients.


In this episode, Mary and Kris discuss their personal experiences with breast cancer, tell you which faux pas to avoid when discussing cancer with those who struggle with it, and explain how they have stayed strong and vital even with cancer.





Interview starts: 5:37


- Mary and Kris discuss their own breast cancer diagnoses and how they went about treating and coping with their conditions.


- How frequently should you get a mammogram, and what are the risk factors?


- Who did they turn to in their family and social circles after learning of their diagnosis?


- The do’s and don’ts of speaking to people living with cancer.


- Why Mary greatly appreciated the support of the Breast Nurse Navigator.


- Why it’s vital to ditch the pity party and keep on top of your nutrition and fitness following diagnosis.


- Looking at the genetic factors that can significantly increase your chances of developing breast cancer.






“A lot of times you have to advocate for yourself when you know something’s wrong.”


“It does all move on. There is the other side.”


“For anybody out there, just go take the nap.”


“Don’t look at it as being selfish—you are taking care of yourself.”



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