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A Tale of Two Hygienists Podcast

Nov 13, 2019

A Tale of Two Hygienists is happy to bring its listeners a new series on the business side of dental hygiene, something not every hygienist is familiar with but certainly has a massive impact on how effectively we’re able to treat patients.


This week’s guest Josey Sewell, actually previously appeared on episode 88 to discuss dental patients living with autism. Josey is the Vice President of Education at Dental Intelligence, Inc. and until very recently the Chief Operating Officer at CarolinasDentist.


In this episode, Josey delves deep into the role money plays in both impeding and improving the dental industry, explains how profits can help offices grow financially and personally, and guides you through talking to patients who are resistant to treatment for financial reasons.




Interview starts: 8:07


- Josey discusses the big gamble she and her husband made in 2015 to find the best resources possible for their autistic son.


- The moment Josey realized that the dental industry was not serving certain segments of patients as well as they could.


- What does it mean now that a lot of private equity firms are entering the industry?


- Taking a hard look at some essential numbers in the dental industry—profit, unemployment rates—and how we can use them to refine the field in a way that benefits everybody.


- Why the hygiene department is the core of a dental office’s profitability.


- Josey makes the case for why we shouldn’t see the profit margin as necessarily greedy.


- What to do and say when patients do not want to go forward with important dental treatment.


- The reason commision-based pay can be just what certain hygienists need to grow.


- Josey’s advice for when you should push for better numbers at your office.





“Life is too short for us to not be living the life exactly that we need.”


“This information can empower you to treat your patients better.”


“Unemployment rates are so low that it now takes 40% longer to hire somebody than it did before.”


“The things we bring to a practice can help make or break a practice.”


“We have so much unique opportunity as hygienists... to support the businesses that we work for, the people we work for and our patients.”


“If there’s no margin, there’s no mission.”



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