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A Tale of Two Hygienists Podcast

Feb 6, 2019

This podcast episode is specifically for students. You are gonna be working shoulder to shoulder with us soon enough, let us help get you ready for that!
We brought together for you today a panel of dentists to discuss expectations - what should you expect going into your first day.

Q1 - What are your expectations for a new grad
Q2 - When and how many questions should be asked
Q3 - Who should they ask questions to?
Q4 - Is your first office going to be your only office?
Q5 - What to expect for a working interview
Q6 - How can a newbie get better in their clinical skillset?
Q7 - Should someone be a temp hygienist first?
Q8 - Does it matter the degree or where you went to school?
Q9 - Pay Structures
Q10 - What metrics should the hygienists know?

Thank you to our Panelists Dr. Jason Lipscomb from the Dental Hacks Podcast, Dr. Sully Sullivan from The Millennial Dentist Podcast, and Dr. Richard Low from the Shared Practices Podcast. Check them out on social media and reach out to them if you have any other questions!

Be sure to thank the sponsor for this episode by heading over to and picking up a new instrument or telling them thank you in person at one of the conferences!