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A Tale of Two Hygienists Podcast

Oct 11, 2019

This week's TIPisode is with Andre Shirdan and he talks to us about utilizing our software. Are you having a hard time working with your particular software program?  Do you get frustrated each time you look at the radiographs or enter your perio charting?  Andre may have some suggestions to make life easier!

Andre is an author, inspirational/motivational speaker, certified software and CAD/CAM trainer.  He is a co-creator of the non-surgical periodontal protocol Stat-Ck and imaging protocol Array. For more than 25 years Andre has worked with thousands of practices helping to create systems for treatment planning, staff training, goal attainment, internal and external marketing, and computer systems integration. He has spoken internationally to hundreds of audiences and through his workshops and seminars, he has enlightened and entertained audiences.  He's been interviewed and published in magazines, Podcasts and has interacted with thousands of dental professionals.